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A-330 in Primorye

Vladivostok International Airport is allowed to accommodate large-capacity airliners.

Vladivostok International Airport is allowed to accommodate large-capacity airliners.

80 flights carried out by two airlines in the large-capacity A-330 will be accommodated by airport staff according to the summer schedule.

Since 1 April 2009 by order of the Head of Federal Agency of Air Transport Gennadiy Kurzenkov, three airports of civil aviation allowed to accommodate new airliners. Vladivostok International Airport was qualified for working with Global Express, A300-600, A330 and its modifications.

To get this allowance, much work has been done. There were some difficulties: remote parking of airliner of this type from airport infrastructure needs to use a lot of equipment to maintain the airliners.

April 24 the first A-330 of «Aeroflot» company landed at the VIA aerodrome.

May 15 «Aeroflot» started to carry out regular flights Moscow — Vladivostok using this type of airliner.

May 19 the base airport company — «Vladivostok Avia» added A-330 to its fleet.

Allowance to accommodate large-capacity airliners is an important factor in air traffic increase in the region.

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