History of Vladivostok airport is inextricably linked with the milestones of becoming an airline Vladivostok Air. Nearly 80 years of hard work, people, hopes, wins and aspirations to new achievements are behinds the martime pilots.

In the 30 years of last century in the Soviet Union began the active construction of airports and local allied airlines. In 1931 in Far Eastern region the first airfield and airspace development began. In the summer of 1932, was the first single commercial flights. Began the construction of a hydroaeroport on the Second River (Vladivostok) and the airport, «Key Lakes» (Artem). August 27, 1932 seaplane made its first technical flight, and on September 2 this year, he brought from Khabarovsk to Second River four passengers. The history of Vladivostok enterprise began this day.

Since then passenger flights between Vladivostok and Khabarovsk became regulary. In 1934 the airport on the Second River had been moved to the land, and on its base was established link of the U-2, which started to operate regular flights, airports «Iman» and «Key Lakes» were opened, was created ambulance aircraft, and studying new aircraft types and kinds of work for this time.

During the war years planes Po-2 carried a lead-tin concentrate for the front needs and at the end of the war — the carriage of ammunition. In July 1941 a fleet of U-2P-5 and H-2 planes were transferred to «Key Lakes», thus opening a new era in the history of civil aviation of Primorye.

In the decade after the war planes Po-2 and W-2 are widely used in aviation-chemical works and coastal exploration of the fish in the service of geologists, and forest. Developed a network of Airfields in Primorye, which served as the foundation of the construction of airports in the 60s and 80s. Passenger flights from Moscow — Vladivostok in 1948 on IL-12.

In 1956, the Tu-104 has opened the era of jet aviation. In May 1958 was completed the first trial non-stop flight on a Tu-114D from Moscow to Vladivostok and Vladivostok in August, the airline began basic use of the Li-2, which for 15 years made regular flights with passengers from the airport, «Key Lakes» in Khabarovsk.

By this time the airfield, «Key Lakes," had exhausted its ability to accept large numbers of heavy aircraft. From 1959 to 1964. was built complex of ground facilities to allow regular flights of the Tu-104 (1958), the IL-18 (1963), An-10 (1964), a sharp increase in passenger volumes. In February 1961, was the first brick building of the terminal with a capacity of 200 people. It was the beginning of a large airport «Vladivostok».

The appearance in the 70 years small jet Yak-40 and Mi-8 helicopter helped in facilitate transport and service needs of the economy. In 1973 the airline began to build a new terminal, which was commissioned at the end of 1976. The airport «Vladivostok» began regular using the Tu-154. At that time was the dynamic development of the industry — to create new squadrons of Yak-40 and Mi-8. Completion of the runway-2 in June 1985 allowed to take all types of modern aircraft and carry out direct flights between Moscow and Vladivostok on IL-62.

In 1990 the aviation enterprise enters the international market, by having signed an agreement in Papua — New Guinea on the use of helicopters, the Ka-32,. In 1992 the airport «Vladivostok» became international.

Since January 1994 we were a Joint Stock Company «Vladivostok Air», which includes the airline and the airport. March 4, 1999 the international terminal «Vladivostok» was put into operation.

In December 2006, at the airport «Vladivostok» airport completed a large-scale reconstruction of the domestic airlines.

February 15, 2008 JSC «Vladivostok Avia» has completed the reorganization in the form of separation of «Vladivostok International Airport» (MAV). The relevant record was entered into on this day in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.