Air travelers departing from Vladivostok International Airport can use the services of cafes, shops and banks.

The Sberbank office offers the services of currency exchange, money cash in and other banking operations. Besides, ATMs of Sberbank, VTB-24, Rosbank and Dalnevostochnyi bank operate round-the-clock in the Terminal for issuing cash to passengers holding Visa International and Mastercard International cards.

After check-in and Customs Control air  travelers flying abroad can visit duty-free store.
There is a sea-food store “Rybnyi ostrovok” on the first floor where passengers can buy a wide range of sea-food.

The well-equipped Medical Unit on the first floor of the Terminal operates round-the-clock and can  provide qualified aid.

To ensure passengers' comfort and safety taxi and car rental services are offered  to passengers  by companies based at the Terminal.