Animals and birds shall be transported upon prior agreement with air carrier. Please inform air carrier or its authorized representative of your intention to carry animals (birds) when you book a flight or buy a ticket.

Animals (birds) to be transported shall be put into a hard carrier (or a cage). Such hard carriers (cages) shall satisfy the following requirements:

  • spacious enough (the required size of the hard carrier will be calculated as follows: maximum two mature animals (up to 14 kilo each), who are used to each other per one hard carrier; maximum three animals under 6 months per one container. The width of the hard carrier will be calculated as follows: for two animals — the shoulder width multiplied by 3; for three animals — the shoulder width multiplied by four);
  • free air access and a safe lock;
  • the bottom of the hard carrier (cage) shall be waterproof and shall be covered with an absorbing substance;
  • a border shall run along the bottom perimeter to prevent the absorbing substance from spilling over;
  • cages with birds shall be wrapped in a thick lightproof cloth.

The weight of animals and birds will not be covered by the free baggage allowance.

Transportation of animals and birds shall be paid for at the excess luggage tariff multiplied by the actual weight of the animal (bird) with the hard carrier (cage).

Test animals will not be accepted for transportation.

Guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers shall be transported in the cabin free of charge over the free baggage allowance if their training is properly certified. Such a dog shall wear a collar and a muzzle and shall be tied to the seat of the owner.

Air carrier will transport your animals and birds only if you assume all liabilities related to such animals and birds. Air carrier shall not be held liable for any injuries, loss, delays in transportation, sicknesses or death of such animals and birds and for refusals in carriage or, on international flights, any prohibitions to cross the border.